Introducing The Inside Zone, college football’s newest online community

Introducing The Inside Zone, college football’s newest online community

Greetings from The Inside Zone.

CHICAGO--You may know  my work at or The Athletic, where I spent six seasons apiece covering this great sport before leaving the latter company this past summer to start my new venture.

Why? Personally and professionally, the timing just felt right.

And so far, it’s been a blast. 

At The Inside Zone, I am fortunate to provide wall-to-wall national college football coverage, from weekly behind-the-scenes columns, regular game coverage, breaking news stories, coaching candidates for every open job, mailbags and much more.

The response has been great so far, as it has validated my faith in the sport’s (and the world’s) need for independent journalism. (Frankly, who among us couldn’t use some encouragement in that department these days?)

And right now, I am happy to be offering FWAA members a special 10% discount on annual subscriptions, a total that comes out to just $45 a year.

Just click this link, or type in

That’s $45 a year for ‘round-the-clock, boots-on-the-ground coverage of college football.

To put that in local baseball terms here in Chicago: That’s the equivalent of either 45 tickets on the South Side or two beers on the North Side.

The season is a month old, assistant coaches are already (somehow) on the chopping block and the drama will only increase across the rest of the fall.

Join me now in helping to grow this online community dedicated to the sport from coast to coast.

You won’t regret it.

Matt Fortuna is a past president of The FWAA (2019) and a 10-time honoree in The FWAA’s Best Writing Contest. You can reach him at