The Tipoff, All we ask: Every member, add a member

In keeping with the spirit of a campaign season, does anyone know if Ken Bone is aware of the USBWA?

If not, here's hoping we can get the charming fellow and his red sweater a membership form post-haste.

Practice has begun and season-long odds have been set and games are a Deonte Burton 3-pointer away from tipping off. Wasn't it just last week when Kris Jenkins made arguably the biggest shot in the history of an NCAA Tournament championship game, one that allowed Villanova to do the impossible and top the wonderment of 1985 and the fairy tale that was born from it?

But with a new year comes fresh dreams and stars and drama and memories, and whether it is Cinderella with a coach named Rollie going to the ball against Georgetown and finding a slipper that fit by shooting an ungodly 78 percent, or the nation's best team proving it on the sport's biggest stage against the side everyone assumed was the best, nothing compares to the madness created in March.

We're just hoping some folks can enjoy the game in a more beneficial manner.

Individual commitment to a group effort is said to be the primary reason a team or company or society or civilization works, which sure sounds a lot better than this: Help.

Membership drives might not be the sexiest of topics, but it's my greatest hope as president that we as an organization can over the next several months add more names to the distinguished list of those who are already eligible to eat ice cream while attending the mock tournament selection meeting in Indianapolis with the NCAA basketball committee.

As we know, that's just one of many benefits that come with a USBWA membership, and it's imperative that we continue to introduce the organization to those who might have an interest and yet haven't made that final click of a mouse to make their participation official.

It's as predictable as the next Grayson Allen trip of an opposing player, but true all the same: If each current USBWA member could add just one new face this season, the organization's future health would reach historic levels.

We are fighting for your rights (see in this edition my letter to the NCAA in regard to enforcing a silly rule about separating coaches and media during the summer evaluation period) and moving forward with ad hoc committees on issues such as diversity and social media and seating and access.

We will, in November, hand out the second annual Dean Smith Award to this year's recipient, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo.

We are actively searching for new revenue streams to ensure our financial stability now and for years to come.

The USBWA continues to do great things for those who cover and are involved in the college game, but this is not just an organization comprised of merely a board and its officers.

We need your help. One suggestion to another could lead to that person clicking a mouse. You never know what a conversation might produce in terms of adding new members.

Because just last March, seconds after Marcus Paige had tied the national championship at 74 on a double-clutch, circus 3-pointer, who in the world could have imagined One Shining Moment was about to become One Legendary Shot with such a magical ending?

You just never know. Ask away. It can be done. One new member per each current one.

And a free USBWA mug to whoever gets Ken Bone to join.

He's the one in the red sweater.