Southern California Trojans remain the top-ranked
team in the Grantland Rice
Super 16 Poll
. USC (11-0), the defending Football Writers
Association of America national champs,
garnered 11 No. 1 votes after running away from Notre
Dame, 41-10.

Auburn (11-0) picked up an additional first-place
vote and remained at No. 2 as it prepared for the SEC
championship game vs. Tennessee. Oklahoma (11-0), the
third-ranked team in the Super 16 by a mere five poll
points, will play Colorado for the Big 12 title and a
BCS berth this week.

California (9-1) and Utah (11-0) maintained their
rankings, as did Texas (10-1), Louisville (9-1) and
Miami (8-2). Boise State (11-0), the only other
unbeaten team, moved up a notch to No. 9 and Michigan
(9-2) rounded out the Top 10.

The Grantland Rice Super 16 Poll, introduced prior
to the 2002 season, ranks the nation's top 16 Division
I-A football teams. A regionally-balanced group of 16
selectors votes in the poll. The pollsters also select
the FedEx Orange Bowl National Team of the Week, which
is also announced each Monday
during the regular season.

In addition, the 16 voters representing four regions, cast a ballot each week and give a brief synopsis
of their ballot. Unlike other college football polls, the FWAA makes each of its pollster's ballot
public, along with the weekly synopsis.

Among eight conferences represented in the Super 16, the SEC
features four teams among the Top 16, while the Big
has three.

The complete poll for Nov. 29 is as follows:

The FWAA has presented the Grantland Rice Trophy, named in honor of the legendary sportswriter,
to college football's national champion each year since 1954. This is the third season that a
season-long poll will be concurrent with the award.

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