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FWAA President Chris Dufresne weighs in
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That's a (turkey, avocado, tortilla) wrap: The last Bowl Championship Series spring meetings were recently held at a posh Pasadena hotel and your president can honestly report there wasn't a tear shed or a sentimental toast raised.

The controversial BCS will swan-song into its 16th year next fall and then give way in 2014 to "College Football Playoff."

The new name is so childlike simple the press conference should have been televised by Nickelodeon. It was ingeniously designed, though, so as to not be shortened by media types to "BS."

"There are two letters that are not associated with this name," BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock joked.

This is a transformative off season for college football. The new "playoff" is exciting on many fronts. The yet-to-be-finalized selection committee could include a member (or two) from the FWAA. The six-bowl format will also restore college football to two of its original glory dates. Three games will be played annually on New Year's Eve and three on New Year's Day.

To quote the great Leonard Cohen: "Hallelujah."

The Cotton Bowl, aced out of the original BCS lineup in 1998, is back in the fold as one of the major players.

Hancock praised organizers for not pouting after getting left behind in 1998.

"They went right back to work," he said. "They kept the Cotton Bowl a terrific event and bided their time."

There's nothing like perseverance and a 100,000-seat stadium built by Jerry Jones. The new "College Football Playoff" is even moving headquarters to the greater Dallas area.

The Chick-Fil-A Bowl in Atlanta has also upgraded to first class and, best of all, likely will return to its old "Peach Bowl" name for conformity's sake.

Change is not always clean. The Rose Bowl celebrates its 100th anniversary game this season and also hosts the last BCS title game on Jan. 6.

One of the upsides of the BCS was it allowed the pinnacle of bowl games to host four national title games in the 16-year cycle. One of those was a classic: Texas vs. USC.

The Rose Bowl will get four semifinal games in the new format but might not ever host another title game, which is a shame. The first title game of the new Super Bowl-venue era was awarded to Mr. Jones out of North Texas.

The remodeled Rose gets one more BCS stage production as it prepares to host two significant games. Gina Chappin has enlisted the help of the FWAA to assemble the Rose Bowl "All Century" team in conjunction with the 100th-game celebration.

We owe to her, the players and the last BCS team standing in 2013 to respect and enjoy this transitional year as we recognize the playoff that can't get here soon enough isn't quite here yet.