Football Writers Association of America May 16, 2006
For Immediate Release
Contact: Steve Richardson
First Internet writer to capture Fred Russell Outstanding Sportswriter Award

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (FWAA) CBS SportsLine, a leading Internet sports media organization and part of CBS Digital Media, is pleased to announce that senior writer Dennis Dodd was presented with the All-American Football Foundation's Fred Russell Outstanding Sportswriter Award for 2005. Dodd was presented the award by the All-American Football Foundation at their 78th Banquet of Champions.

The award honors journalists who cover both pro and college football. Former winners include Furman Bisher of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the late Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times and writer and author Dan Jenkins.

Dodd, the president of the Football Writers Association of America, is the first journalist working solely for an Internet site to win the award. He has worked at CBS SportsLine since 1998, chiefly as the national college football columnist.
The All-American Football Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Jackson, MS that honors achievement in the sport.

Dodd was among 32 honorees at the May 9th awards ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas.