Football Writers Association of America BEST WRITING CONTEST
• Game Story (Immediate Deadline)
• Feature Story/Profile
• Enterprise/Investigative
• Column/Analysis/Commentary
In addition, see below, we have created a special award for the top beat writer as judged by a special FWAA committee headed by long-time FWAA member Malcolm Moran. He is now the new National Sports Journalism Center Director.
You may begin sending entries now. You must be an FWAA member in good standing to enter.
Deadline: July 1, 2017. Entries sent after the deadline WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
Limit: One (1) article per category, although a series of articles may be submitted in the enterprise category.
Entries must have appeared in print or on line between Feb. 1, 2016 and Jan. 31, 2017.
• Entries must be submitted electronically to
• Entries not sent to this e-mail address will not be accepted
• Send MS Word or text files only
• DO NOT SEND HTML files, WordPerfect files, stories in other word processing software or links to stories on the Internet or electronic libraries
• Make your entry easy to read by taking out unnecessary carriage returns (They can give your entry an odd look when opened by a judge's word processing program)
• Delete any embedded advertising, photos and cutlines from the files (The file should contain only your story and your identifying information)
At the top of each entry, the following information should be included:
• Writer(s)
• Publication or online service
• Category
• Date of publication
• E-mail address and telephone number for the writer(s) of the entry
The entries will be sorted and stripped of identifying information and forwarded to the judge(s).
• Files containing your entries should follow this naming convention: yourname-category.doc
• The category must be one of these five words: Game, Loose, Feature, Enterprise or Column
• Example: KenStephens-game.doc
Only entries sent electronically will be accepted and all entries will be sorted and stripped of identifying information and forwarded to the judge(s)
FWAA BEAT WRITER OF THE YEAR AWARD: If you have a nomination of a beat writer who covers major college football (either a team or a conference) or you want to nominate yourself, please send an e-mail/letter explaining the qualifications of the person (no more than 250 words) to:

Malcolm Moran
Indiana University School of Journalism
535 W. Michigan St., Room 571
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5154

Malcolm’s e-mail is Malcolm and his committee will then make inquiries into the FWAA members nominated. In order to qualify for this award the person nominated must have been an FWAA member during the 2016 football season.

Questions? E-mail Ken Stephens at