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The awards ...

In 2009, the Football Writers Association of America introduced its Super 11 Awards, designed to identify and reward the sports information departments and programs that exemplified excellent media relations.

The criteria ...

The following ten areas were set forth as the criteria/standards for selection for the awards:

Players (eligible and playing in varsity games) who are requested should be available to media during Mondays and Tuesdays of game week (minimum).

Defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator should be available to media once a week during the season (minimum) and once a month during the off-season (minimum).

Freshmen who play should be available to media.

If former players and/or boosters are allowed into scrimmages or practices, the media should not be excluded from those same scrimmages or practices.

Coaches should be available to media on their campuses at least once a week during the season for no less than 30 minutes. They also should be made available after practice each day for updates on the team. Weekly telephonic press conferences do not count toward these times.

A "no cheering in the press box" statement should be made in the press box before the beginning of each half of play. In addition, SID's should make every attempt to keep the press box quiet and escort disruptive individuals to the exits.

Requests for quotes from key players injured in a game should be granted by the home SID and his staff.

FWAA member(s) should help the each SID with requests for players to be interviewed after a game. Any player who has played (and is not injured) and is not made available for interviews will be so noted by FWAA observers. The FWAA recommends open locker rooms after games, but short of this, any player who plays in a game and is not injured, upon request, should be made available to the media.

An FWAA pool reporter or a reputable news person should be designated by the home SID before every game in case there is an officiating controversy during the game.

Boosters should not be present at postgame news conferences involving the media, coaches and players. Interruptions or noise will be duly noted by the FWAA observer. Press boxes where non-media are disruptive will also be noted.

The 2014 recipients ...

The 2014 winners of Super 11 Awards were the following programs: Auburn, Bowling Green, Colorado, East Carolina, Iowa State, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Rice, Rutgers, UNLV and Southern California (USC).

Complete release (May 4, 2015)

The 2013 recipients ...

The 2013 winners of Super 11 Awards were the following programs: Colorado, Duke, Fresno State, Georgia, Middle Tennessee, Nebraska, Ole Miss, SMU, South Alabama, Southern California (USC) and Texas Tech.

Complete release (May 13, 2014)

The 2012 recipients ...

The 2012 winners of Super 11 Awards were the following programs: Baylor, Bowing Green, Cincinnati, Georgia, Houston, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon State, Vanderbilt, Virginia and Wyoming.

Complete release (May 3, 2013)

The 2011 recipients ...

The 2011 winners of Super 11 Awards were the following programs: Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Northern Illinois, Oklahoma, San Diego State, Southern California (USC), Syracuse, Utah State and Western Kentucky.

Complete release (May 7, 2012)

The 2010 recipients ...

The 2010 winners of Super 11 Awards were the following programs: Clemson, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Navy, Northwestern, Rutgers, Southern California (USC), Troy, Tulsa, and Utah.

Complete release (April 14, 2011)

The 2009 recipients ...

The 2009 winners of Super 11 Awards were the following programs: Buffalo, Clemson, East Carolina, Georgia, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, San Jose State, Southern California (USC), Texas and Utah.

Complete release (March 2, 2010) | Announcement of award creation | President Tim Griffin's column (Jan. 2010)

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